AFH 034: Agile Program Management with Johanna Rothman [PODCAST]


Ryan Ripley, Johanna Rothman


Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) and Johanna Rothman (@johannarothman) got together to discuss Johanna’s new book “Agile and Lean Program Management: Scaling Collaboration Across the Organization”.

Johanna is known as the “Pragmatic Manager” who provides frank advice for difficult problems. She is a prolific author and blogger and also publishes a newsletter called The Pragmatic Manager. Johanna provides workshops, training, and other services to organizations looking to improve the way they get work done.

In a previous post, I reviewed Johanna’s excellent book – Predicting the Unpredictable and still cannot recommend this important book on estimation enough.

Overall, this is an immensely practical book that belongs on the shelf of anyone working on an agile team. The practical suggestions on how to handle providing estimates is worth the prices of the book, making the coverage of advanced topics like #NoEstimates a welcome bonus. Highly recommended!

On this episode of Agile for Humans we talked about servant leadership at the program management level, metrics that matter and those that don’t, and where to focus your time and effort to effectively manage your project portfolio.

Finally, we wrapped up with thoughts on management, cost of delay concepts, and #NoEstimates.

And then…we called it a night.

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