AFH 020: #NoEstimates with Vasco Duarte [PODCAST]


Ryan Ripley, Vasco Duarte


Vasco Duarte (@duarte_vasco) joined Ryan Ripley (@RyanRipley) for a discussion about #NoEstimates. Vasco is the author of the #NoEstimates Book, Founder of Oikosofy, and host of the Scrum Master ToolBox Podcast.

One of the staring points of #NoEstimates is: “We as an industry are not able to estimate well.”

With that starting point, alternatives are necessary. #NoEstimates seeks to explore those alternatives.

We started with Vasco’s early days of discovering the #NoEstimates path. It started with data. I won’t steal Vasco’s thunder, but it was interesting to learn how much many of the #NoEstimates ideas are driven by actual project data from a variety of sources.

We then moved on to cover many of the questions that #NoEstimates critics and skeptics ask when hearing these ideas for the first time. How to pick one project over another, how to align with project dependencies and more are covered during our hour together.

Finally, we touched on the kind of environments where #NoEstimates is not an option:

In cases where you are not allowed to experiment, where you are not allowed to learn, where you have to know everything upfront, you have no option but to speculate about the cost of a particular project.

And then…we called it a night.

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