AFH 030: Product Backlog Management with Tim Ottinger and Mark Davidson [PODCAST]


Ryan Ripley, Tim Ottinger, Mark Davidson


Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley), Tim Ottinger (@tottinge) and Mark Davidson (@AgileDelivery) got together to discuss the role of the Product Owner (PO) and Product Backlog Management.

Topics ranged from Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Story Mapping, Product Backlog Item creation, and what to do when the backlog becomes unruly.

A key take away form this episode is the power and importance of a physical card wall. Having a space where everything known about a product or project is visible can make or break an agile project. Such an area gives teams the space to discuss, solution, and celebrate.

The tactile nature of cards also has an impact on team members that a tool cannot yet replicate.

Alignment is a great benefit of card walls, as is the ability to ask a basic question:

“How do we know that this product / project is a good idea?”

We wrapped up with the psychological impacts of a backlog on a team.

And then…we called it a night.

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