AFH 042: The Grows Method for Adopting Agile Software Develpoment [PODCAST]

Andy Hunt (@PragmaticAndy), Jared Richardson (@JaredRichardson), and Don Gray (@DonaldEGray) joined me (@RyanRipley) to discuss the Grows Method for agile adoption.

Andy Hunt Presenting at The Path to Agility Conference 2013 – Copyright COHAA

Andy is one of the 17 authors of the Agile Manifesto. He is the author of 9 books including: The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master (with Dave Thomas), Pragmatic Thinking and Learning: Refactor Your Wetware, and Practices of an Agile Developer: Working in the Real World (with Venkat Subramaniam). Andy publishes books with Dave Thomas at the Pragmatic Bookshelf. He blogs at

Jared is an agile coach, blogger, and speaker. He is the founder of Agile Artisians and the author of Ship It! – A Practical Guide to Successful Software Projects (with William A. Gwaltney).

Don works with executives and managers to build coherent organizational structures, processes, policies, and goals that allows teams to flourish. He co-teaches one of the top coaching workshops offered globally – Coaching Beyond the Team – with Esther Derby. Don brings both wisdom and humor to his coaching practice.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What is the Grows Method for Agile Adoption
  • How to gradually grow agile in an organization
  • What is essential to be agile
  • How to get alignment between executives and agile teams

Links from the show:

The Pragmatic Programmer cuts through the increasing specialization and technicalities of modern software development to examine the core process–taking a requirement and producing working, maintainable code that delights its users. It covers topics ranging from personal responsibility and career development to architectural techniques for keeping your code flexible and easy to adapt and reuse. The Pragmatic Programmer illustrates the best practices and major pitfalls of many different aspects of software development.

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Question: What is your go to method to help people adopt agile? Does the Grows Method fill a gap that you’ve seen in your practice? Let’s discuss! You can leave a comment by clicking here.





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