The Power of Scrum

The Power of Scrum (North Charleston: CreateSpace, 2011)

This is one of the more practical scrum books on the market. Jeff Sutherland (co-creator of scrum) has crafted a fable that puts the focus where it needs to be: on the individuals and interactions that make scrum work.

The story picks up right after CTO Mark Resting promises his largest client that after multiple delays in delivering their software product they will be done in just 3 more month. Immediately following the meeting, panic sets in for Mark.

How in the world can I guarantee release in three month? I asked myself. I’d just promised that, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how.

It’s a situation that many of us have been in. Often, these promises lead to failed projects, “death marches”, and many other uncomfortable scenarios. In the case of Mark Resting, a chance meeting with a scrum coach sets him and his team down the path of agility.

Where the book really shines is how Sutherland does not hold back on how hard the game of scrum is to bring in to a company. Fear of change is addressed as is the necessity of changing the culture of a company from the top down to truly have a chance at success with scrum.

This is an excellent book for those thinking about adopting scrum. There’s even some great content for experienced coaches looking to refresh their perspective. Best of all, this is a quick read (128 pages) with a ton of value. Highly recommended!

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