AFH 048: How Project Managers Can Fit on Agile Teams [PODCAST]

Justin Browder (@justin_browder) and Bryan Schoeff (@bryanschoeff) joined me (@RyanRipley) to discuss how project managers and developers can find common ground on Agile teams.

Justin Browder and Bryan Schoeff Presenting at The Path to Agility Conference – Copyright COHAA

Justin Browder is a Senior Consultant at AXIA Consulting. Since joining as the 10th employee in 2008, he has helped AXIA scale the company to over 70 employees while consulting as a Program Manager, Project Manager, and Product Manager within the retail, government, and utility industries.

Bryan Schoeff is a Senior Consultant at AXIA Consulting. Since joining as the 56th employee in 2014, he has done little to help scale AXIA to nearly 70 employees (ha!). For the last 14 years, Bryan has worked on technology projects as a Software Developer and Solutions Architect focusing on web and mobile technologies in the government and utility industries.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How empathy plays a key role in bringing project managers and developers together
  • Why estimates can feel unsafe
  • When proper expectations are set, great things can happen

Links from the show:

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