AFH 043: The Agile Mindset with Gil Broza [PODCAST]

Gil Broza (@gilbroza) joined me (@RyanRipley) at The Path to Agility Conference (@cohaainfo) to discuss the agile mindset.

Gil Broza - Author of The Agile Mindset

Gil Broza Presenting at The Path to Agility Conference 2016 – Copyright COHAA

Gil is the founder of 3PVantage. He is the author of The Human Side of Agile and The Agile Mindset. Gil is a sought after writer, speaker, and trainer with a passion for delighting customers and valuing the human aspects of agile software development.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to foster an agile mindset
  • The impediments to adopting an agile mindset
  • What it means to value the human side of agile
  • How change can happen on an agile team

Links from the show:

The Agile Mindset is a practical guide to the thinking that makes agile projects work. This book is your compass for the Agile journey. Without prescribing any process, practice, or tool, it will show you how practitioners approach: deciding what to work on, planning and doing the work, engaging people and performing as teams, and working better.

Pragmatic and dogma-free, this book will help you understand what it means to be Agile and how to bring others along.

Click here to purchase on Amazon.

Question: How do you foster a positive agile mindset? Please share your ideas below. You can leave a comment by clicking here.





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