AFH 018: Don’t Trust Ryan with Your Agile Laundry [PODCAST]


Ryan Ripley, Esther Derby, Don Gray, Amitai Schlair


Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) Esther Derby (@estherderby) Don Gray (@donaldegray) and Amitai Schlair (@schmonz) got together to discuss the vast topic of “trust”.

We covered how to establish trust with a new team, how trust impacts the scrum master role, and how easily managers can lose the trust of their teams. Agile coaches can set expectations early and establish an environment of trust through intentional behaviors and follow through.

This is a nuanced discussion that scratched the surface of how large of an impact trust plays on the success of a team.

We also talked about Ryan’s horrible laundry skills…and then we called it a night.

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